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iCans exists to promote the broad use of distance training and auditing, metered or unmetered, using the telephone or preferably Skype and a webcam too, in the Indie or FZ community.

iCans is not an acronym, although the i means Internet. The cans refers to meter cans. I can has a regular English meaning, of course.

Possible usage examples:

• I bet LRH would approve of the iCans movement!
• Have you tried iCans yet as a pc? Auditor?
• How much does an iCans set-up cost, with and without an auto-reset meter?
• Oh wow. Driving 500 miles for auditing instead of doing iCans is so 20th century, dude!

Freezone Scientology

It is 2010. The CofS, convincingly misled by David Miscavige, is heading on a path of self-destruction. People are looking to receive training and auditing outside of the Church, often delivered by the exact same persons who were doing so within the Church in better times years before.

There is a growing movement of Independent Scientologists. New blogs and websites are appearing frequently. New technologies like the social networking sites of Facebook and Twitter are in use to make the best use of the Internet.

Here are some of the new sites:

Blogs or sites with open comments

• iCans

• Scientology Cult (Various)

• Moving On Up a Little Higher (Marty Rathbun)

• Wins Mexico (Roberto Sαnchez Nϊρez)

• Leaving Scientology (Various)

• Possibly Helpful Advice (David St Lawrence)

• Spiritual Freedom Zone

• Standard Tech Academy (loads slowly)

• Larry Brennan

• iCans

Blogs or websites without comments

• Rediscover Scientology

• Friends of LRH

• Geir Isene

Discussion boards

• Geir Isene's Scn Forum

• The Pro-LRH Tech Community


• KSW Radio (Saturdays 5pm PST/8pm EST)

Free classifieds for independent scios

• Independents Connections

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